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About Me

finger painting

Welcome to my personal site! I am currently a Software Engineer at PassiveLogic.

Throughout my career I have worked in many different areas of software including mobile, web, computer graphics, and cryptocurrency. I also have a Master’s degree in math where I studied topology. If you are interested in my professional experience, see my CV.

Feel free to contact me at justin's email.


Project I made and tutorials teaching you how to make cool stuff.

Math and Theoretical CS

Most of my programs use a bit of math, but this section is for those who like proofs and are curious beyond getting things to work.


Opinions, typically about philosophy, math, and computers.

Preserved Sites

Sites I preserves for learning and historical purposes.

This site does not use tracking or analytics. I occasionally use affiliate links for books. These are always books I have read and recommend. I try to offer free alternatives when I am familiar with them.